Carvi‚Äčng adds Beauty, Personalization and Value!

 temporary Grave Markers, Roadside and pet Memorials

Our personalized custom Crossroads memorials are thoughtfully crafted with your loved one(s) in mind. Memorializing an area where a loved one has passed, is laid to rest or a favorite spot is a beautiful way of honoring that person or pet.

Our Crossroads Memorial series are utilized for many purposes including, Roadside Markers, Temporary Grave Markers, Pet Memorials and Alcohol, Drug and Texting awareness programs.

Let us know what you would like to have displayed on your Memorial including a natural or painted finish and color of letters. We will create your personalized memorial and have it shipped 7-14 days from date of paid order.

Whether you choose natural or painted your complete Memorial Package will include a weatherproof, mildacide sealer, routered edges, carved and painted letters, printed photo quality picture laminated by us (supplied by customer via email), mounted in carved picture region and all mounting hardware (erects securely and easily in minutes).

Standard Crosses are 5.5" wide, 3' high and 18" across.  Finished in either white paint or natural. Made from solid poplar wood and includes name, dates and "In Loving Memory" carved and painted, printed, laminated and mounted picture and all setup hardware.  $175.00 plus shipping.

4' high, 24" across and 5.5" wide Crosses are $185.00 plus shipping and includes the same as the Standard Cross package. (5'&6' available)

Large painted theme carvings are $30.00 each.  Small painted theme paintings are $15.00 each.  Additional wording carved and painted is $15.00. Madonna, Angel, Heats, etc. carved, stained or painted $30.00 (easily kept beautiful over time by wiping down and washing).

Custom designs and orders are always welcome.  We look forward to working with you.

***Temporary grave markers serve many purposes, usually it's one year until a permanent stone can be placed, due to the settling of the ground, having the grave marked during this time, or for longer, while allowing financially to afford the perfect stone is a wonderful way to let family, friend's and mourners identify the location.

If placing in the cemetery,always check with the cemetery for requirements and or restrictions before ordering. 

***Most states allow roadside memorials, some without restrictions and some with (usually 1 year) but all agree that they do not want "eyesores or unkept memorials" and are likely to remove them sooner than later.  Placing a professional memorial that displays attractively and tastefully is less likely to be removed.  The solid construction allows it to be easily transported to another spot if and when the time arrives.

Customer Testimonials

"I was looking to purchase a temporary grave marker for my fiancee, Janet and had no luck with the tombstone makers of the permanent monument.  They said they don't do such work but advised me that a temporary marker was permissible without having to get the OK from the cemetery business office.

I went online surfing sites when I came across your site and saw this was just what I needed, I ordered the crucifix with all the details I wanted to display and was very content when I received the finished product, a wooden crucifix beautifully crafted and to my specifications. The customer service rep. Kevin was most cordial and helpful with the details of the construction and installation of the crucifix at my fiancee's burial plot.

I would definitely recommend this line of product to anyone seeking such an item. They are some very nice people to deal with and will work with you to achieve exactly what you want to display from your ideas."


Jorge Rosado

"Kevin was extremely professional and very detailed. He answered all of my questions/emails immediately and was always very proficient with ideas and concerns.

I received my memorial marker perfectly packaged and beautifully done. I would highly recommend Kevin and his work. Thank you so much Kevin for making my Grandmothers memorial as beautiful as she. God Bless! "