Carvi‚Äčng adds Beauty, Personalization and Value!

Introducing; "CARVENEERS"

CARVENEERS (patent pending) is a whole new concept in carved appliques and an idea whose time has come.

CARVENEERS are genuine, custom designed, sized and shaped carvings in a multiple of hardwoods which are then sent through our process to create an unfinished carved "veneer".  Easily and unobtrusively adhered to furniture, kitchen cabinets, fireplace mantles, headboards, desks, stairs, moldings, chests, walls, etc., CARVENEERS will transform your decor and woodwork into exquisite and beautifully carved pieces that now take on the rich and elegant look of hand carved items. This process will allow the customer the ability to stain/paint the piece for a personalized look or to match an already existing decor.

CARVENEERS are "the real deal"  *Real carvings in Real Wood!*

Any theme, item, design, or logo can be carved to certain dimensions. Homeowners and business owners alike now have the ability to transform cabinets, walls, doors, lobby's, etc. with custom personalized carvings, (without removing the item, saving time and money!) at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned carver BUT with the same exquisite results and a "Real Wood Carved piece!

If you're planning a furniture restoration, remodel in your home or business, or would just like to add beauty and elegance to a cabinet, wall, mantle, furniture, etc., compile your ideas and contact Wood Creek Carvers for a full design consultation and quote.

CARVENEERS will be available through quality cabinet manufacturers, retailers, furniture stores and can also be ordered through the Wood Creek Carvers website. If you have any questions or would like to be considered for a dealership, please  contact us through email and send your information along.