Carvi‚Äčng adds Beauty, Personalization and Value!

Welcome to Wood Creek Carvers.

The Wood Creek Carvers artisan sculpts custom carved designs into guns, duck calls, knives, walking sticks, mantles, and other cherished and distinctive pieces, adding personality,  beauty and value!.

A customized personal carving on a favorite item is a unique gift that will be adored and cherished for life!

Other services include, hand carving, CNC carving, small Signs and Glass Etching to create a "one of a kind" piece of your choice that you'll be proud to own and display!.

****NEW***** Introducing, CARVENEERS (patent pending) Check out the CARVENEERS page***********

Contact us today to begin the journey of exquisite transformation from plain to spectacular.

In the future, WCC will also be offering genuinley unique items for sale. Keep checking back.